I want to build supportive spaces and communities that help people grow and learn.  I especially want to build a larger network locally for women in technology.  I want to build new talks that help people in legacy environments.  And as always, I want to lower the barriers that prevent learning and growth.  I will pay special attention to supporting underrepresented people in technology because it is really important to me that we finally break down these barriers that have made people feel less important.

To reach these goals, I will need to build a local network of Women Who Code and continue to grow the community in Triangle PHP.  I will continue to keep these spaces supportive and open to sharing.  I will share ideas with peers in the greater development communities when I am able to.  I believe that the larger PHP community has a lot of room for improvement, and I want to shine a light to expose more of these weaknesses and strengths, so we can all grow together instead of keeping people out.

I need to balance this advocacy with time for fun, family, and friends at home. It is not more or less important than my quality of life and free time to do things I enjoy.  This is just a reminder to do what I can when I am able, and a reminder to call for help when I need it. This is merely a compass arrow to point me in the right direction as I work, live, and love.