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Delivering “Hey Boss…” at Explore DDD

In September, I traveled to Denver to speak at Explore DDD, a fantastic conference! When I first read their mission, I was excited to attend and hopeful my talk would be selected. Their focuses were practicality, collaboration, and learning. The conference and its attendees truly delivered on these values! I thoroughly enjoyed this conference and learned so much. I hope to return there to learn even more next year!

Below is the recording of my talk, which was aimed at beginners who may be wondering how they could use Event Sourcing in their applications. Next year, I am excited to be giving a similar talk that will spend a little less time on the introductory concepts and will dive deeper into how these projects used Event Sourcing. You can catch that talk at DDD Europe in February, 2020.

Emily Stamey presents “Hey Boss, Event Sourcing Could Fix That!” at Explore DDD in Denver

Going from Procedural PHP to Modern PHP

I have spent a lot of time over the last few years trying to figure out what is the right way to transition from procedural PHP code to Modern PHP best practices.  It doesn’t seem like it should be the painful, gut-wrenching process as it was for me.  Now the question becomes stronger because I want to help others make that switch, and I don’t want the difficulties to be deal-breakers.  I want to remove the obstacles of prerequisite knowledge but planning things in the simplest order.  However, it seems like you have to know many things all at once to make the transition.  The simpler it is to learn, the more easily I can convince others to join me on this journey.  It makes it easier for their management to agree to it.  But how do I teach it?

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