Sometimes I feel like a bit of a “bad guy” for saying, “Hey, PHP Women!  Let’s eat together!”  But then I have such a great experience doing it, and it’s so positive. I will definitely do it again.  I don’t do it to be mean to men in the industry.  Let me be clear, we are not getting together to talk about men in the industry or even women in the industry.  We just talk about work and life, and it is awesome.  It’s relaxed.  For one meal we are flipping the table on the traditional ratio at conferences, at our jobs, and just being ourselves.  In that one little lunch, I let my guard drop.  It’s a guard that I have grown very accustomed to having up at work.  It is a shield that I use to “not be so sensitive” and it “translates” some types of interactions that I would normally be bothered by.

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